Safety First: Tips for Using Dr. Infrared Heaters Safely

Safety First: Tips for Using Dr. Infrared Heaters Safely

Dr. Infrared Heaters is a dual heating system combining PTC and quartz infrared elements that is designed to keep you warm in the winter while saving on heating bills too. Infrared has become one of the most reliable electric appliances that provides heat and is like a large number of people around the world. This article contains features, advantages, and models as well as how it goes hand in hand with getting rid of bed bugs as well.

Features of Dr. Infrared Heaters

1. Energy efficiency :

Infrared heaters are renowned for their energy efficiency as they only target certain around closer and heat them unlikely the traditional heaters that used to heat the whole room if turned on. They use as little energy as required in the surroundings rather than emitting maximum heat.

2. Heating speed

Dr. heater has a high heating speed. It can emit the energy or heat in such a way that you’ll start feeling warm within a few minutes. You don’t need to wait until it starts warming up slowly. It can make it fast and warm the larger rooms as well.

3. Dual heating system:

As written in the introduction part this heater consists of infrared quartz tube and PTC ( Positive Temperature Coefficient) technologies for heating. This blend of heating systems ensures rapid and instant heating for the users.

4. Thermostat and timer:

This feature of the Dr. infrared heater helps the users to customize their required level of heating and schedule it with the help of a timer only when needed. Many heaters lack this feature which makes Dr. Infrared a different and unique innovation.

Advantages Of Dr. Infrared Heaters

1. Low harmful emission:

Unlike other Dr. infrared heaters don’t throw harmful emissions due to the low temperature of the heating elements. It rather retains the humidity creating a more comfortable and healthier living environment.

2. Even heat distribution

The Dr. infrared heater makes sure that the heat has been distributed to every part of the room not leaving any cold spots and drafts behind. It focuses on providing continued warmth with even heat distribution.

3. Silent heat distribution

This appliance doesn’t make any noise or operating sound when in use. It operates quietly when turned on and lets you enjoy the warm in the winter without any disturbance or noise.

Models Of Dr. Infrared Heaters

1. Dr. Infrared Heater Model: DR-968

Voltage:                      110-120 V

Maximum Watt:         1500

2. Dr. Infrared Heater Model: DR-978

Voltage:                      110-120

Maximum Watt:          1500W

3. Dr. Infrared Heater Model: DR-998

Voltage:                    110-120

Maximum Watt:        1500W

4. Dr. Infrared Heater Model: Dr-908

Voltage:                      110-120

Maximum Watt:          1500W

5. Dr. Infrared Heater Model: DR-999

Voltage:                     110-120 V

Maximum Watt:        1500W

Dr. Infrared heaters and beg buds

The bed bug infestations have been an emerging issue for everyone. These are the small pests or parasites that survive on the blood of living organisms mostly found in human beds. Bed bugs make it impossible to sleep during the night as well as during the day. Talking about the heater the innovative technology and the heat that it objects can be very effective in getting rid of the bugs.

The bugs cannot survive in extreme heat and their eggs also get destroyed if the temperature is not suitable for them to hatch. Hence the high level of heat from the heater ensures it reaches the corner spaces, gaps, and other hiding place of the bugs and eliminate them. Specifically also eliminates other Common Bugs That are not bed bugs.

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Which is the cheapest model of Dr.Infrared heater?

The Dr-908 is the cheapest model of Dr. infrared heater.

Where can we buy Dr. Infrared heater?

You can buy the heater from your nearby appliance store as well as you do online shipping and it is sold on many websites too.

How much does Dr-968 cost?

The Dr-968 costs from $148-$150.

Can Dr. infrared heater eliminate bed bugs?

Yes, a doctor's infrared heater can eliminate bed bugs through the heat and warmth it emits. Bed bugs don't survive in inappropriate weather conditions.

Are Dr. infrared heaters suitable for heating outdoors?

No, Dr. infrared heaters are not suitable for heating outdoors because it is primarily designed for indoor environment. It cannot provide warmth outdoors.

Is Dr. infrared heater safe for infants?

Yes, Dr infrared heaters are totally safe for infant because it only emits 100% radiant warmth and with a humidifier. It also doesn't contain any exposed heating harmful elements.


Dr. Infrared Heater, known as Dr. Heater has made a significant impact in the innovative and technological industry. You have learned why Dr.Infrared is better than other heaters. It has also revolutionized the way we approach bed bug infestations. The FAQs included in the article also hold crucial information.

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