bed bugs bite some people and not others

Bed bugs are terrible, but it’s even more frustrating when they seem to target specific people. Mentioning this can make others think you’re either paranoid or unclean. This blog will uncover the truth behind the queries Bed bugs bite some people and not others.

Do bed bugs actually choose certain people to bite, or is it all in your imagination? Before jumping to conclusions, it’s wise to set bed bug traps around your home to check for their presence, as they can spread quickly.

Do bed bugs bite some people and not others?

Bed bugs do not bite people selectively but sometimes tend to do so. Yes, it looks like we’ve just confirmed your worst fear. Do not worry because this is not a sign of any illness on your part or your family’s. This is solely because of the bed bugs. Usually, they tend to go for the same type of blood. If they came in sucking your blood and your family has a different blood type then chances are they will preferably bite you more when you’re around.

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There is another reason why you may feel like you are the only one being bitten. You may be a little more sensitive to bed bug bites than others. While you may get the sensation of bite marks and itchiness, others may not have the same reaction. Your body considers the saliva from bed bugs as a threat(which it is) so the redness and irritation is a very healthy reaction. 

What attracts bed bugs?

Bed bugs are not like flies who thrive in dirt but are no better. Bed bugs do not reside in your home because of bad hygiene. However, your place will be cleaner than before when you get rid of them. 

Bed bugs are drawn by body heat and carbon dioxide. They have horrible eyesight so, they do not follow silhouettes or any humans in particular. They depend on the sense of smell. 

Bed bugs do not live on you like lice. They feed on you and leave. These pesky pests can multiply quickly. So, if you have bites on you or see them scurrying around or see any signs of bed bug infestation, you need to act quickly.

Bed bug bites are as irritating as having them running around the house. If you are the only one who is visibly suffering from bed bug bites or if one member of your family complains about it, it is best you look into it. There are so many remedies to get rid of bed bugs. Also, there is a difference between a bed bug bite and a mosquito bite. Watch it closely and take preventive measures on time.

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1. Can bed bugs bite one person and not the other?

Bed bugs do not discriminate when it comes to blood type and food. For them, fresh blood is fresh blood. The only time when you’d feel like they’re just attacking one person is when the bed bug has come with the person.

2. Why do bed bugs bite me and not my partner?

Your partner may be bitten a lot less. But your partner is not safe from the bed bug bite. Bed bugs do not like to change the blood they consume so if you were their main course the majority of the time, you could keep being the victim.

3. Do bed bugs choose who they bite?

No, bed bugs do not choose who they want to feast on. If they get you, they get you. They do not choose who to bite and who not to.

4. Do bed bugs prefer females?

No, bed bugs do not have any preference when it comes to feeding.

5. Is it okay to sleep in a bed with bed bugs?

Yes, as crazy as it may sound, you should sleep in a bed with bed bugs. There is a very good reason for that. It is so that you isolate the bed bugs to a particular singular room. So rather than changing rooms because you got saw one in a room, you should refrain from changing beds so that the bed bugs don’t transfer to other rooms via you.

6. Can one person have bed bug bites and not the other?

It is almost impossible for bed bugs to bite one person and not the other when they are in proximity. What can happen is that the two people could have reacted differently.

7. Does Vicks keep the bed bugs away?

Yes, bed bugs can be kept away momentarily with Vicks. This is because they do not like the menthol smell.

8. What scent draws bed bugs?

Bed bugs are drawn by carbon dioxide and the smell of the blood.

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