Bed Bug Glue Trap

Bed Bug Glue Trap

Do you think you might have a tiny problem with a bed bug infestation? Or have you recently had an exterminator deep cleanse your house of bed bugs, but still feel like your home has some creepy crawlies running around? Are you overthinking or is the job not done? Do not worry, you can finally be sure with bed bug early detection glue traps.

How to use it?

These bed bug glue traps especially come in handy when you’re asleep. This is when the little blood-suckers come out for a meal. 

Learn how to set the bed bug glue traps on your own:

Step 1: Bend it in the middle(vertically) and pull it apart carefully to separate them.

Step 2: You must get two of the traps now. Keep one aside and open the other one. It should have three folds.

Step 3: Then fold the two wings on the sides(again vertically).

Step 4: You’ll be left with two protruding wings on each side.

Step 5: Fold the flap on the horizontal side of the center part.

Step 6: Grab the end of the paper in the center and take it off.

Step 7: Put the two sides together to use as wings. This will form a right triangular shape.

Step 8: Place them on the foot of the bed, furniture, or mattresses and wait.

Why choose bed bug glue traps?

This pesticide-free glue trap is a natural product and won’t be a health threat to you, your family, and your pets. And this bed bug glue trap is so simple and easy to use. If you can have such convenience in tracking bed bugs in your house, why not?

These glue also give out a soft, pleasant smell that does not irritate you. Be careful your pets don’t get too close because the trap may stick to their fur and cause mayhem.

Which bed bug glue trap should I purchase?

Different brands are providing you with this contraption. You can purchase them online depending on where you live. Some of the different brands of beg bug glue traps are:

  • Harris Bed Bug Early Detection Glue Traps (4/Pack)
  • Grandpa Gus’s Bed Bug Traps, Glue Traps for Home and Travel, Early Alert Before Infestation, Pack of 12
  • EcoPest Bed Bug Glue Traps – 20-Pack
  • Pest Glue Trap by Catchmaster – 36 Boards

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Is bed bug glue trap poisonous?

No, they are completely safe but, be careful not to step on them.

Are bed bug glue traps expensive?

They are quite inexpensive, depending on which brand you purchase. They cost around $20 minus the shipping charge, which is a fair price.

Can I catch rodents and pests with these traps?

These traps may be a little too small to catch rodents and other pests but, you have other traps designed especially for pests.

What does it mean if my bed bug trap has only caught spiders?

Congrats! You do not have a bed bug infestation and your contraption is working just fine.

How long do these traps last?

They will last you for about 6 months, which is a pretty good deal.


If you do not want to use chemicals to get rid of bed bugs, then this is a good way to trap and keep them away. But bear in mind, that these traps are ineffective in cases of an infestation. This is only a guarantee whether you have or do not have bed bugs hiding around your house.

We try doing everything in our power to get rid of the tiny intruders but, this comes in handy even when you have none. Since a glue trap lasts you about six months, this is a good way to keep your house in check. Just place them in places you suspect bed bugs could be hiding and let them do their job while you inspect them timely.

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