Can bed bugs live inside your mouth or ears

Can bed bugs live inside your mouth or ears

Bed bugs crawling into your mouth or ears is a terrifying thought. We do not like any foreign objects in us without us wanting them. Even just reading about it can make some of your skin crawl. 

Now we cannot fully deny the idea that it won’t ever happen or that it hasn’t happened. But the probability of that happening is very low. So, even if you were to ingest it, you would have to worry about them breeding in you. In this blog, you will know can bed bugs live inside your mouth or ears.

Can Bed Bugs live inside Your Mouth or Ears?

No, bed bugs cannot live inside the human body. It is a myth that Bed bugs live inside your mouth or ears. They are attracted to humans for several reasons, they feed on human blood but living on humans is not suitable for them.

What happens when a bed bug crawls into your mouth?

What happens when a bed bug crawls into your mouth

Bed bugs normally bite your limbs and torso. Bed bugs biting your face is a sporadic occurrence. But you know what is more rare? It is the bed bugs entering your mouth. 

Now, what happens when the bed bugs enter your mouth? If they enter your mouth, they probably won’t even get the chance to see it. Even if they manage to do so, it will be their last bite.

They sure do not stand a chance against the strong HCL acid in your stomach. They will enter the digestive tract if they pass the sneeze when they enter the nasal cavity.

What happens when a bed bug crawls into your ear?

What happens when a bed bug crawls into your ear

Bed bugs entering your ears are scary thoughts. If they get into your body, they will probably be stuck in the ear wax. You need to remember that these creatures are not looking for a place to stay, they just want to feed. They will potentially be stuck in and die or if they’re lucky they will find their way out.

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What conditions do bed bugs require to survive?

Bed bugs require humidity and blood to feed on, to survive. The main reason why you need not fear them getting in your mouth or eyes is that they are on your body to just feed on you. 

They are not looking for long-term accommodation or a new home. They are on you simply because you are a big blood bag, and they feed on blood. 

After they are done feasting an unwelcome feast, they simply return to their homes. Also, not to mention, they feed on rodents and pets(if you have any). If they enter any of the cavities, they will feed until they are three times their size. This will make them pretty spottable. And you know the fate when they are spotted; most likely death.

So, there you have it. It rarely happens but if they were to get into your mouth, they would be digested and done. The same goes for when they enter your nasal cavity. They will most likely meet the same fate when they enter the nasal cavity. Do not worry about what will happen. If it does happen, it won’t be the most pleasant experience, but your body has your back.


1. Do bed bugs infest your body?

Bedbugs do not live in your body. They suck your blood and then go back to their home.

2. Are bed bugs from poor hygiene?

When someone has a bed bug infestation, it may seem like they have poor hygiene. But that is not the case. They can happen because of contact with bed bugs.

3. What instantly kills bedbugs?

Diatomaceous Earth can instantly kill bed bugs.

4. What attracts bedbugs the most?

Bedbugs are attracted to carbon dioxide, warmth, and the smell of blood.

5. What scent do bed bugs not like?

Bed bugs do not like the scent of citrus, spearmint, and naphthalene.

6. How long do bed bugs live without blood?

Bed bugs can go anywhere from 20 to 400 days without blood. They are resilient for a bug so small. But the temperature and humidity also play a huge role in their sustenance.

7. What happens when a bed bug crawls in your ear?

When a bed bug crawls in your ear, it will most likely get stuck and die or get out and live to see another day.

8. What happens if a bed bug goes into your mouth?

You do not worry about a bed bug harming you when it goes into your mouth. They will get digested.

9. How do you know if you have a bed bug in your ear?

You could have a moving sensation and have itchiness and redness in your ear. Now these symptoms can be a sign of other things too. Analyse and seek medical help if it persists.

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