get rid of bed bugs without throwing everything away

Can you get rid of bed bugs without throwing everything away

Beware of the hidden bed bugs; they’re like unwelcome guests who refuse to leave! Whether you kick them out or let them stay, these little parasites are experts at sneaking up on you. You could assume they’re gone once the bite marks disappear but guess what? They’re just taking a break, planning to return when you least expect it. Living in an apartment? Listen up, because your neighbors are having a never-ending bed bug party. These insects prefer to hide in the most inconvenient places, such as wall plugs and floor heaters.

Even your solid baseboards give them just enough space to play hide-and-seek. They can be found everywhere, from the walls to the furniture, and especially in your bed! Don’t believe in miracles, however. While temporary solutions may be helpful, these unwanted guests are here to stay if your neighbors have them. You never know, you and your friends might invite them over. Are you prepared to expel them for a while? These are some tips but keep in mind that your neighbors might still have bed bugs, which increase the chance of transferring them to your house sooner or later. 

This article will list several ways you can get rid of bed bugs without throwing everything away.

Heat treatment

Bed bugs are attracted to warmth and humidity, but they can withstand extremely hot temperatures, which can be a plus point for you. You can raise the heat of your home for a couple of hours to properly eradicate the bed bugs. You can get a heater that are specially designed to remove bed bugs through heating process. 

Seclude the infested furniture

If your mattress is infested, keep it in a zip-up mattress encasement or a plastic cover to seclude the bed bug population. In the case of other furniture, keep it contained and do the same with them. You can also use bug spray or diatomaceous powder to kill and contain the bed bugs.

Use diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is poisonous to the bed bugs and ensures your house is bug-free. But be careful not to over-powder the furniture, because they can spread to the other parts of the house which can create bigger problems. Also, be careful not to inhale them to avoid the risk of acquiring health problems.

Call an exterminator

Getting rid of bed bugs can be an ordeal. If you can spare a couple of bucks, you can save your time and energy and get a professional to help you get rid of them. You can get a professional who knows what he’s doing to help you for a swift extermination.

Freezing possible infested things

You can also freeze your clothes in temperatures below -20 degrees for a week to decontaminate your items. Burning the contaminated

How do know you have gotten rid of bed bugs?

Sticky traps

You can place sticky traps in places of infestation or places you think bed bugs still reside. If you still have them, you can see them stuck in the glue traps. If you see none on them, then congrats! You’re bug-free! 

Small plastic pan trap

To ensure you finally have a bed bug-free space, place small plastic pans or cups filled with water on the foot of your bed. If your home is still bed bug-infested, chances are you will find them floating on your DIY contraption.

Rubbing alcohol

Spray rubbing alcohol everywhere; on your clothes, your furniture, your bed. This is to ensure your space is bug-free. If you see some dead bugs after spraying, you might want to reconsider attempting to ‘re-exterminate’ your space.

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Do I have to throw away everything to get rid of bed bugs?

No, you don’t necessarily have to get rid of your things to get rid of bed bugs.

Is it true I have to burn my clothes to kill bed bugs?

No, even though high temperatures kill bed bugs, you do not have to burn your clothes to get rid of them. Just use a steam iron or turn up the heat in your place, that should do the trick. Burning would be a little extreme measure to get rid of bed bugs.

What is the easiest way to get rid of bed bugs quickly?

You can steam-iron your stuff and use diatomaceous earth to get rid of bed bugs. Just make sure you don’t inhale diatomaceous earth to avoid getting any health issues.

How to get rid of bed bugs without throwing everything away?

If you do not want to part ways with your thinks, you can make use of high heat or freezer, diatomaceous earth, or call an exterminator to get rid of bed bugs without throwing everything away.

Will freezing my clothes help?

Yes, freezing your clothes for a day or two is an effective way of getting rid of bed bugs.

Can you get rid of bed bugs without throwing everything away

Yes, you can get rid of bed bugs without throwing everything away there are different ways of getting rid of them but there is still chance of getting bed bugs sooner or later.


You do not have to part ways with your things after finding out you have a bed bug infestation. This article has some tricks that can help you make sure of that. You can However, some things are beyond saving. Like, if your table has a bed-bug nest or is heavily infested, you are better off without it. Keeping them will further worsen the infestation and you do not want to keep them as a place to respawn. 

And just exterminating is not enough, you need to check if your home is truly bed bug-free. And for future reference, you should keep an eye out for any signs of infestation.

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