Many of us are well known to bed bugs. But we guess very less of us know what a bat bug infestation means because we are only friendly to the word bed bug. So a bat bug is an insect that we find on bats. It is generally a parasite that feeds on its host’s blood, which are bat. Just like bed bugs feed themselves by sucking up human blood, bat bugs feed themselves by sucking up bats’ blood. Bat bugs and bed bugs are almost identical to the naked eye. Both bat and bug infestations can be quite problematic as they can result in many problems.

What is Infestation?

Infestation refers to the unusual presence of insects, pests, or animals in large numbers in certain houses or locations. If your home consists of many insects or other pests as well as other animals your home is supposed to be infested.

  1. Bed bugs infestation:

It refers to the situation where the home or any other place includes a large number of bed bugs than usual. The bed bugs can be found in mattresses, beds, sofas, or anywhere in your home and sitting areas.

  2. Bat bugs infestation:

It refers to the situation where any place contains an unusually large number of bat bugs. For example, if we found a large number of bat bugs presented in a room then that room is said to be infested by bat bugs.

Differences between Bat bugs and bed bugs

Differences between Bat bugs and bed bugs

Differences between Bat bugs and bed bugs

                Bat bugs               Bed bugs
  • They feed on bat blood usually.
  • They feed on living beings and other species’ blood as well.
  • Physically, the hair around their eyes area is long.
  • Physically, the hair area around its eyes is comparatively short.

Level of infestation

  1. Light infestation (First level of infestation)

In the first level of infestation, the bugs are countable and shouldn’t be more than 5. The presence of 5 or more five bugs anywhere is called a light infestation.

  2. Moderate infestation (Second level of infestation)

In second-level infestation, the bugs are countable as well. The presence of 10-30 bugs anywhere is called mild infestation.

  3. Heavy infestation (Final level of infestation)

In the final level of infestation, the bugs are found in large numbers. The presence of 25 or more than 25 to a large number is called heavy infestation.

Bat bugs or Bed bugs: Which is less harmful?

So according to the research, the pain of bat bugs is more painful than the pain of bed bugs. But, if bed bugs can survive in the blood of any living species the bat bugs can only survive a month or less with the blood of other species other than bats. Bat bugs lack reproducing ability in the presence of human blood but bed bugs can reproduce their kind on by blood of any living organism. Therefore bat bugs and their infestation can be quite less challenging and harmful than bed bugs.

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Q: What are bat bugs?

Bat bugs are parasites that are found on bats and feed themselves by sucking the blood of bats.

Q: Are bat bugs only found on bats?

No, bat bugs are not only found in bats. The bat bugs can be found in other places where a bat might have stayed or infected the area by bugs.

Q: How are bed bugs and bat bugs different?

Bed bugs and bat bugs differ from some slight differences in their feature although they are identical to eyes. Bed bugs are found on our home mattress sofas usually in our bed whereas bat bugs are found on bat bodies.

Q: What risks can infestation cause?

Infestation can cause many health hazards as the insects spread disease. Many insects also live in the furniture which can result in damage to home goods.

Q: How can we get rid of bugs?

Bed bugs are comfortable in uncleaned places. So to get rid of bugs we need to keep the place clean. We can also find a lot of pesticides in the market that helps in getting rid of bugs.


Hence, the above information shows what the difference is between bat bugs and bed bugs and in case of infestation which one is better. We have included the essential information on the levels and infestations of bed bugs and bed bugs. Both the bat bug and bed bug infestation are troublesome and complicated. Only the difference is it gives us less trouble, causes fewer problems, and is easier to get rid of.

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